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Cable companies nowadays are not the preferred ones when it comes to broadband. Roku should be blamed for this. Just kidding! In actual Roku has changed the way we view television shows. Before starting, it is quintessential that one must get the right information about Roku. You can call Roku customer service to get Roku TV support. It works as a platform where customers, users, and advertisers connect. Are you also curious about Roku? Well, you end up in the right place where you will get the information. Don’t get confused about the Roku; it is better to connect with the experts at Roku tech support phone number and Roku support chat.roku customer service phone number

Before starting, we all first understand what Roku means. It is presented as a digital media player intended for streaming music, video, and other entertainment things. In short, you can say it acts similar to a DVD player in which you do not have to insert the disc. The Roku helpline is always there for you in case there is any confusion. You can contact Roku by phone by dialling Roku customer service phone number and know about the Roku TV setup.

You can easily find them in the market as set-top boxes or television sets. Different devices don’t mean that you have to use Roku differently. Well, we must tell you that it gives you the accessibility to numerous hosts all around the world. More information can be taken from the professionals while you contact them at Roku 1800 number and want to know about how to setup Roku.

Roku is used for streaming the videos from Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, MLB, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, and many others. The advantage of using this platform is that you don’t have to pay for any cable package and watch all videos right at your comfort. Do you know the Roku tv setup is very easy? If you get stuck in any step, it is better to ask for Roku TV help from the professionals by connecting with them at Roku 800 number and even choose the second option of Roku support chat. You may even try our support number mentioned on this site. It will redirect your number to a sovereign 3rd party Roku support phone number. Please go through the mentioned terms & conditions first before dialling our support number.

Setup Roku >>How to Add Channels to Roku?

To take full advantage of Roku, it is essential to add channels that are generally a straightforward procedure. Both free and paid channels are available for the customers. Roku phone support is always there for the users to ask for Roku TV help and related to setup Roku. When you are unable to reach Roku technical support phone number, you can opt for the Roku support chat. In general, there are two kinds of channels to enhance the experience of viewing the shows.

roku support phone numberOfficial channels: These channels are already installed in the channel store. You can visit the store and add channels from there via smartphone, PC, or Roku devices. And, you can also contact Roku support at Roku support phone number.

Private or Secret channels: As the name suggests, these channels are not on the list of Roku Channel Store. You need a unique code required for activating the pathways using a PC or smartphone. After adding these channels, you can watch them without any hindrance. Get connected with the professionals at Roku help phone number. They will provide you reliable Roku TV customer service whenever you call at Roku customer support number.

Talking about the methods, there are usually three ways by which this can be done.

Adding the channel using a Roku device

Simple steps are easy to follow when you have to add channels. Look at the below guidelines and setup Roku.

  1. Visit the Home menu by clicking on the home button using the remote. Do take Roku TV support from the expert’s side when you dial Roku TV phone number or else select another option of Roku support chat.
  2. At the sidebar present on the left corner, scroll down the Streaming channels.
  3. Open the Roku channel store and select the channels you want to add.
  4. The next thing to do is selecting a category you need to browse. You can even visit Search channels to add them to the list. Don’t hesitate to know more about the Roku TV setup by taking the Roku phone support when you call the skilled experts at Roku technical support phone number.
  5. Click on the Ok button given on the remote used for opening channel details.
  6. Lastly, select the Add Channels or Buy option used for installing the channels. In case of any glitch, call Roku customer service number.

Using Roku Mobile App for adding the channels:

You must know that the Roku app is entirely free for both iOS and Android.roku tv setup

  1. First of all, open the app.
  2. Click on the menu present on the bottom of apps to select the channels.
  3. Search from the channel categories or scroll down the channels you like to add. At the time of any trouble, you can directly contact Roku support when it is related to the Roku TV setup. Now, for this solution, you can dial the Roku tech support phone number.
  4. You can get the information about the channel by clicking on the channel icon.
  5. Click on Add channel to complete the process of adding the channels even if they are paid. Call Roku customer service if any problem happens.

Adding channels via web

  1. Visit and login to your account. You can call Roku customer service if you are facing any challenge, and for this, you can dial Roku 1800 number.
  2. In the next step, you have to browse the channel categories and search for the channels you want to add.
  3. Find out the channel’s details like pricing and synopsis by clicking on the details.
  4. The next thing is to click on Add Channel. Complete the purchasing process if you want to add paid channels. To know more about the steps to log in, you can call the skilled experts at Roku customer service phone number. We here want to mention that it is simple to Setup Roku. But yes, there are chances that you can face trouble. So, it is advisable to communicate the professionals at Roku support phone number and discuss your issues.

Till now, you must have understood the ways by which you can easily add the channels as per your choice.

Roku Support Phone Numbers – Official:

Check out the below-mentioned chart to get the Roku tech support numbers and other details. These contact details are described based on the resources available on the internet. If you come across any dilemma in connecting with the experts using these Roku contact options, you can try our support number given at the top of this site. It will redirect your phone-call to a sovereign 3rd party Roku helpline number.

Roku Phone Support Number 408-556-9391
Roku Tech Support Number 816-272-8106
Roku Mail Support [email protected]

roku tech support numberRoku Customer Service >>The Ways of Streaming Videos to Roku from PC

Roku is present as a device used for changing the user’s experience when it comes to watching entertainment content. The benefit of it is that you can easily share the content from the PC. Roku TV setup is not at all difficult to follow as you need television, an internet connection, and a streaming device. On finding any trouble at any point, the Roku tech support number is always there to get Roku TV support.

Installing the software required for streaming the videos

Roku gives you access to streaming the videos directly from the PC. But it is not possible alone. You need media as well as video software to install on PC. The famous software available in the market right now is Plex and Video converter. You can get the information about both from Roku TV customer service when you call Roku customer service number.

Step 1: Launching the software

After the installation of software onto PC, you can now stream the video from PC to your Roku. Open the software and visit the list options present on the left-hand side. Contact Roku support when there is uncertainty about the working of the software. By calling at Roku customer support number, you can take the benefit of Roku phone support.

Step 2: The software detects your Roku device

In the very next step, your device will automatically detect the devices present nearby. If not, then directly contact Roku by phone at Roku help phone number for the Roku TV customer service help. Do select the Roku from given options in case different devices are capable of getting the stream. Your PC can easily detect the device and stream the content. There are chances that your PC is unable to do so. We must tell you that it is nothing to worry about because you can contact professionals by having a conversation at Roku 800 number.roku customer support number

Step 3: Choose the channels that need to be stream on Roku

After directing the PC to your Roku, you can stream the videos without any hassle. Numerous video files can be added as the software that can easily hold them. Find more information about this from the professionals by connecting with them at Roku TV phone number. At the time of streaming the videos, the software completes the process in the way you arrange it. Use the remote to select the video file that you are willing to watch from Roku to your device.

Step 4: Enjoy streaming your favorite videos

On completing all the above steps, use the PC cursor for selecting the videos, you like to watch. From there, you can choose your favorite music and videos. Without any trouble, you can enjoy seeing the movies, videos on a large TV screen. By chance, if you come across any problem, contact Roku helpline with the help of Roku 800 number for the Roku TV support.

Roku Support Chat>>Creating the Roku Account with Ease

Getting access to Roku cannot be completed if you don’t have an account. The essentiality of it is adding the channels of your choice and start the streaming process. You can complete the process by taking Roku TV help by calling at Roku 1800 number. Certain things are there that need to be considered while creating the account. Let’s have a look.

  • Always use the email address that is valid for creating a Roku account. You will get the verification link to be filled at the time of creating an account. On not getting a link at the time of setting up the Roku, contact Roku by phone using the Roku customer service phone number.
  • While selecting a password, make sure it should be secure and strong.
  • Ensure that your password comprises of 8 characters. That means it shouldn’t be too short or too long. 8 characters password can easily be remembered without writing anywhere. The experts can help you out to decide the password. And for this, either you can call at Roku technical support phone number or contact via Roku support chat.
  • Do include symbols, numbers, uppercase, and lowercase. The password should be difficult to guess. By this, no one can steal it.
  • Passwords should always be unique when you are making a Roku account. For any trouble, there is Roku help phone number on which you can call and take Roku TV help.

roku tv phone numberNow, we are discussing some important ways by which it is simple to create a new Roku account. You can review all these points with the experts onthe Roku tech support number.

  1. Visit When you are unable to visit the website, do take Roku TV customer service by connecting with the experts at Roku tech support phone number.
  2. Select the My Account option to create the account.
  3. Fill up all the details like first name, last name, password, and email address.
  4. Click on the I Agree option given on the Terms and Conditions page. On getting confused about any point on this page, immediately take the help of the professionals by calling them at Roku customer support number and ask for their valuable Roku TV customer service.
  5. After that, confirm whether you are 18 years old or above and further click on the Continue button.
  6. Create a unique pin number, and it should be of four digits.
  7. Complete the payment information given on the next page.
  8. Skip this step when there is no need to add the information at the same time. For any other help, contact Roku support.

Now, it is evident that making an account is not at all a daunting task. If you still think that you might face problem in following any of them, then Roku TV support is always there to rescue you. Just contact Roku customer service with the help of Roku TV phone number, connect with the experts, and get the Roku TV help. Or else, use our support number that will redirect your call to a sovereign 3rd party Roku tech support number.

Roku Tech Support >>How to Connect Roku to Wi-Fi?

The latest models of Roku have the accessibility to connect with any device using Wi-Fi. The internet connection is a must when you are willing to stream around 5000+ channels. There are few things you need at the time of completing the process – Roku streaming stick, Roku remote control, and router with both wireless and wired connectivity options. Get more information about Roku from professionals by connecting with them at Roku technical support phone number.

  1. As mentioned above, both wired and wireless options are available, there are different methods by which you can connect Roku with Wi-Fi. In case the connectivity is wired, do connect your TV or Roku box with the router via Ethernet cable. Secondly, if the connection is wireless, there are some additional ways by which the connection process can get completed. Roku technical support phone number is where you can contact Roku by phone.roku 800 number
  2. The wireless connection can automatically scan the networks that are active nearby.
  3. You will get a list, select from the network appears.
  4. Click on the Scan button again when you are unable to find your home network. Check whether it appears on your next list or not. If the network is unable to discover, contact Roku customer service using the Roku 800 number and directly have a conversation with the skilled personnel who is expert in the Roku process.
  5. After selecting your network, check on the Wi-Fi and internet connection. You should ensure that there is a selection of the right network.
  6. On getting the confirmation from Roku, you can easily connect with a network. Enter the password and select the Connect option. On putting the right password, you will get a confirmation stating that your device is connected with the home network. Call Roku 1800 number if there is an issue that comes at the time of login.
  7. After the completion of the connection, the device search for available software/firmware updates.

The steps are straightforward when you want to connect Roku to Wi-Fi. Roku tech support number is given to the users whenever they face any issue related to setting up the Roku.

Roku TV Support >> Troubleshooting the Problems Associated with Roku Remote

Yes, there are complete chances that your Roku remote stops working. The reasons behind it could be various that are simple and complex, as well. What you can do at that time is pick up your phone and dial the Roku customer support number to get instant help. Here, we are discussing a few ways for troubleshooting the problems without much difficulty.

roku help phone numberCheck the remote batteries

The explanation for this is very simple, and you have to make sure that device batteries don’t run out. Slow performance is a clear indication that the power supply is causing the problem. There are remote controls that require AA batteries while other demand for two AAAs batteries. The professionals can explain to you further when you connect with them at Roku help phone number.

A problem in pairing the Roku remote

Another problem in the list is control, and the box is not paired correctly. There are some theoretical triggers like low power, changing router networks, and system updates that are responsible for unpredicted unpairing. Check all of them, and if the problem persists, contact Roku experts via Roku customer service phone number. This is a Roku helpline number if you want to contact Roku by phone. Or else, use our support number mentioned on this site. It will redirect your call to a sovereign 3rd party Roku phone support.

Resetting the Roku remote

By following some of the sequences, you can troubleshoot the problems linked to Roku remote.

  1. Firstly, remove the batteries.
  2. Disconnect the power supply from the Roku box or stick.
  3. After waiting for 10 seconds, reconnect the Roku box to the power switch. Still, facing the same issue? Dial Roku TV phone number and experts are always there to help you out.
  4. In the next step, you will notice that the Home screen starts loading.
  5. Reinsert the batteries back into the remote.

You will find these steps simple to follow. You can even take assistance from the professionals to get better clarification. And for this, you can dial the Roku support phone number. Roku helpline number is one of the best numbers to connect with the professionals.

Keep a check on HDMI interferencecontact roku support

It is a possibility that there are some Roku remotes whose performance gets affected by HDMII cables. This issue is linked with the streaming stick meant for connecting the Roku directly to the HDMI port.

Do not forget to check the Wi-Fi connection

Have you worked upon all the tips for troubleshooting and still unable to find the right solution? That means the problem is related to the Wi-Fi connection. It is not at all necessary that remote surely needs the internet connection to get connected with the box. But, it is necessary to have a functioning local network. In case this network is down, that means your remote will not function at all. You can also check into the router’s settings to confirm whether the connection is proper or not. Else, you can call Roku customer support number to connect with the specialists.

The Official Roku app for remote is preferred

If you are thinking about using your smartphone as a remote, then we must tell you that it is not at all a good idea. You need to know that there is an official Roku app present that you can download and use on both Android and iOS. Don’t know about this? Well, nothing to worry as Roku specialists are always reachable at Roku tv phone number. If this number is not working, you can get back to them using our support number. It will redirect your call to a sovereign 3rd party Roku help phone number.

Before opening the app for the very first time, don’t forget to check that it is present on a similar Wi-Fi network as your device is working on. After downloading the app, you will notice the Discovery screen where you have to tap the name and connect with a network. In case of any issue, Roku customer service phone number is the best option to take help from experts.

Look out for the troubles linked to the app

Is your phone app not able to check the Roku app? There are a couple of reasons responsible for this issue. They are mentioned as –

roku 1800 numberNetwork access: First of all, check whether the Roku box has enabled its network access or not. For this, follow these simple steps Settings>System>Advanced System Settings>Control by Mobile apps>Network access. These steps are elementary to follow, but there might be possibilities that you can face trouble. In such a scenario, take help from professionals at Roku tech support phone number.

VPN: Check the VPN connection as Roku remote app cannot work on your phone without a VPN.

So, check these problems appropriately. And, if you are still not able to identify them, do contact Roku support using the Roku 1800 number. There is another way you can communicate with them; use the Roku support chat service.

Do replace the remote if not working

The Roku remote is not costly at all. You can get the details about pricing at Roku 800 number. There are many compatible remotes available in the market. Before buying, make sure that the Roku remote supports both the streaming stick and the Roku box.

We hope that the mentioned tips are helpful in managing the Roku without experiencing any trouble. Day-by-day Roku is gaining popularity because of its beautiful features. You can also get Roku connection; for this, you have to dial Roku support phone number and get the details about it. For any technical support or getting any solution, you can communicate with the professionals at Roku tech support phone number.