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Hewlett Packard is reckoned as the world’s largest electronics and Computer Company founded in 1939. The company offers a wide range of laptops, LaserJet and DeskJet printers. The whole range of printers and laptops are explained by the skilled professionals whenever you contact Hewlett Packard tech support phone number. Hewett Packard has definitely changed the whole world with the exotic range. The industry has adapted the pioneering technologies and revolutionized the research. Hewlett Packard printer customer service is easy to procure whenever you connect with the experts at Hewlett Packard telephone number.

Hewlett Packard has gained a particular position in the market, offering supreme quality of products and support services. Nonetheless, there are other things Hewlett Packard provides, including things related to converged systems, servers, software, cloud, services, wired, and wireless networking. Pick your phone, dial Hewlett Packard phone number to get Hewlett Packard support, and know about the vibrant range of Hewlett Packard.hewlett packard phone number

Hewlett Packard Customer Service >>Troubleshooting the problems related to Hewlett Packard Laptops

Now and then, we somehow face technical issues related to these HP laptops. There are so many reasons behind the issues, and Hewlett Packard support is always there. We are listing a few of the problems that can make your laptop runs slow.

·         DC Jack

Is your laptop runs on battery or also use DC jack? Mostly, such jacks are not reinforcing enough and get loosen up with day-to-day use. It is advisable to use the highest quality of jack offered by Hewlett Packard Compaq manufacturers. Contact Hewlett Packard every time you find challenges. For this, Hewlett Packard support can be given by the experts by calling Hewlett Packard customer service phone number.

·         Backlight and LCD

Do the images are flickering? Is there any cracked screen? Does your screen turn out to be black? This situation occurs due to missing blocks, or lines of information of a monitor. Other reasons also include faulty backlight, scratched surface, and no display function. You can contact Hewlett Packard for taking Hewlett Packard technical support. Dial Hewlett Packard printer support phone number and get the help instantly.

·         Touchpad issues

It happens when the operating system is not working appropriately. It also occurs when the laptop mouse starts freezing or skipping. For touchpad issues, you can directly contact Hewlett Packard. Hewlett Packard customer service number is a contact number where you have to call and ask for the instant Hewlett Packard tech support.

·         Problems related to Motherboard

The Motherboard is responsible for controlling video, audio, USB Firewire, power, and keyboard. Any kind of liquid spill, lightning strike, and power surge results in hampering the Motherboard. If you have also such an issue, call Hewlett Packard customer service phone number, where the experts will provide help regarding the same issue. With their Hewlett Packard customer support, it is easy to diagnose their problem.

·         Common overheating problem

You must have noted vents on the bottom of HP laptops. There are chances that dust enters the vents and result in its accumulation at vents, fans, and cooling channels. It is not that difficult to clean the dust. You can do it by yourself or if finding difficulty, dial Hewlett Packard phone number and get Hewlett Packard customer support.You may also call the support number posted on this webpage. It will directly transfer your call to one of the representatives of an independent third party Hewlett Packard customer service phone number. Just make sure you have examined the terms and conditions carefully.

hewlett packard tech support phone numberHewlett Packard Tech Support >> Hewlett Packard Formatting of Hewlett Packard laptops in an easy way

Presently, Hewlett Packard laptops are available with a built-in recovery partition. Such partition is sometimes required for running a business for formatting the laptop and restoring the factory settings to sort out the issues. The formatting process is generally done to eliminate the viruses from the system before using it. Hewlett Packard technical support should always be contacted whenever the customers find issues. Ask for a reliable Hewlett Packard printer customer service by dialing Hewlett Packard customer service number.

  1. Firstly, switch off the laptop and detach all the external devices. Get the detailed information from the expert whenever you call them at the Hewlett Packard printer support phone number.
  2. Press F11 continuously to power on the laptop. You will find Hewlett Packard Recovery Manager Option. If the message doesn’t appear, then wait for sometimes for the laptop to boot up. Or, you can call at Hewlett Packard telephone numberfor taking Hewlett Packard support. The next thing you have to do is restarting the laptop and access the Hewlett Packard Recovery Manager.
  3. On finding ‘System Recovery,’ click on the list of options given below ’I need help immediately.’ A message will appear that ask your permission to back up the files. The backing of data can take a little time, but don’t panic in such a condition. The presence of Hewlett Packard phone numberis beneficial as you instantly takethe help of Hewlett Packard printer customer service by contacting the Hewlett Packard customer support team.
  4. Select ‘Recover without backing up your files’ option. Click on ‘Next’ for proceeding the procedure without backing up the files. On choosing the mentioned option, continue to Step 7. On the other hand, select ‘Back up your files first’ option. In the next step, click on the ‘Next’ button for beginning the process of backing up the files on your system. On the screen, you will find a message of ‘Which type of files you want to back up?’
  5. Check on the marks given next to the fields that are linked with files present on your computer, and you want to back up. You can even connect any kind of storage device for saving the data. Click on the ‘Next’ option. The laptop will automatically start scanning the storage devices. Hewlett Packard customer service phone numberis provided to the customers if their laptop is unable to do this step. Here, they can easily connect with specialists and share their problems.
  6. Choose the storage device coming on your screen and further click on the ‘Next’ button. The backing process automatically starts. On selecting a CD or DVD-ROM drive, you should put a blank disc after a click on the ‘Next’ button.
  7. After the detection of a disc, you will notice the burning of backing up files without any trouble. Now, you have to remove the external storage device or discs from internal CD or DVD-ROM after the completion of the burning process. At Hewlett Packard printer support phone number, it is quite easy to connect with the Hewlett Packard tech supportfor getting the right kind of solution. Hewlett Packard phone number is another option where you can connect with the professionals if you are unable to communicate on the previous number.hewlett packard printer support phone number
  8. A message will appear after you click on the ‘OK’ button. It signifies that no personal data will be backed up if erased. After clicking on this option, the retrieval process will start.
  9. A dialog box will appear mentioning the ‘Finish’ option after the accomplishment of a recovery option. Your computer will restart spontaneously. Does the problem still remain uncorrected? It is better to communicate with the specialists at Hewlett Packard customer service number.

Hewlett Packard Support Numbers – Official:

If you are among those customers who prefer contacting the official support service of Hewlett Packard regarding any help, then this section is developed for your only. Here, we have mentioned all the details of the official contact option of Hewlett Packard as per the information available on the internet. You may use any of the details available here, but make sure you should verify them at your end as we do not guarantee whether these options will work or not. That’s why it is suggested to use the support number of this website for instant help. This number quickly forwards the call to an independent third-party Hewlett Packard printer support phone number. Ensure you have invigilated the terms and conditions of this website before using this number.

Hewlett Packard Phone Number For Hybrid IT With Cloud 1-888-342-2156
Hewlett Packard Customer Service Number 1-888-342-2156
Hewlett Packard Technical Support Number 1-650-687-5817
Hewlett Packard Email Support Hewlett Packard Email
Hewlett Packard Live Chat Hewlett Packard Chat

hewlett packard telephone numberSolutions for troubles related to Hewlett Packard printers

If printing performance is not coming up to the mark, there might be some issues like –

  • Paper jamming
  • Faded pages
  • Ghosting
  • The inability of toner to set on paper
  • Printer showing 50.4 error message
  • The printer is not receiving the command

Few solutions might prove to be useful for fixing the HP printer troubles. Discuss these solutions with Hewlett Packard technical support, who will give you detailed information regarding them. Only you have to call the skilled experts at Hewlett Packard tech support phone number.

Solution 1 – Regularly checking Hewlett Packard printer status

  1. Check that the printer has required pages in the paper tray. Make sure that paper shouldn’t jam in the paper feed. You can correct it by yourself or call the experts at Hewlett Packard customer service numberand get Hewlett Packard technical support.
  2. Always consult the professionals on finding that toner or ink gets emptied. On Hewlett Packard printers, you will find a display showing proper ink levels. The professionals are ready to provide you Hewlett Packard printer customer service. Hewlett Packard customer support is available for you when you call the experts at Hewlett Packard customer service phone number.

Solution 2 – Do cancel the previous command given to Hewlett Packard printers

Many times it is seen that work that you send to the printer gets stuck. Because of this, all the printing work would stop on your printer. Clearing the job can do wonder, and for this, there are some steps that you have to follow correctly. Another thing to do is call the skilled experts at Hewlett Packard tech support phone number to take Hewlett Packard printer customer service.contact hewlett packard

  1. Visit the Windows Control Panel and choose the ‘Devices and Printers’ option.
  2. Search for your printer device while ensuring that it is the one having issues. Right-click there and select ‘See what’s printing’ to get a drop-down list. Sometimes, you might face issues, and at that time, you just have to call Hewlett Packard tech supportat Hewlett Packard customer service number.
  3. On opening the new page, click on the ‘Printer’ menu option given in the top right corner. Now, you have to choose the ‘Open as administrator ‘option.
  4. Afterward, click on the ‘Printer’ menu and choose ‘Cancel All Documents.’ Do open a dialog box and confirm the choice after selecting ‘Yes.’

Solution 3 – Make Hewlett Packard printer as a default choice

Windows has a responsibility to send a print request directly to the default printer. Whenever your printer is just taking the command but couldn’t be able to print shows that the default system is not set up properly. It’s not a magical thing to do, but yes, troubles can indeed come your way. Contact Hewlett Packard technical support whenever you want, and for this, just call Hewlett Packard telephone number.

  1. Visit ‘Windows Control panel’ for selecting ‘Devices and Printers.’ Here, Hewlett Packard tech support can really help you out if you stuck anywhere. To reach them, contact the experts at the Hewlett Packard tech support phone number.
  2. Discover your device on the appeared list. Just do right click and go for option ‘Set as default printer.’ Click on the ‘Yes’ button to confirm your step. Find a ‘green checkmark’ given below the printer icon. If you are not finding this mark, then directly dial Hewlett Packard telephone numberand take Hewlett Packard technical support.

hewlett packard customer service numberSolution 4 – Troubleshooting the issues coming while running Hewlett Packard printer

Now and then, you might find some trouble with these printers. Yes, there are some easy ways in which you can troubleshoot things. Either you correct it by yourself or take Hewlett Packard customer support every time you face a problem. That’s why; Hewlett Packard printer support phone number is given to contact the professionals.

  1. Check all the connected cables from printer to wall power. In case there is a presence of network cable, it is crucial to go through the user manual. Do check that lights are properly blinking, which generally indicates the connection network. Solving the issues can become easy when you connect with the experts at Hewlett Packard printer support phone number.
  2. Check whether the lights are present at the front of your printer or not. If lights are not there and you have a doubt whether theprinter is on, in such a scenario, nothing is better than unplugging and plugging the cables. Then press on the power button.
  3. In case of doubt, use an additional power plug to connect a printer.
  4. Contact the service center or contact the Hewlett Packard supportteam if nothing works in your favor.

The list doesn’t end here as numerous printers are available offered by Hewlett Packard. The printers are designed to be used all the time, hence required to be robust and handle the supreme quality of printing jobs. Never forget to contact Hewlett Packard on having any doubt about HP printers’ quality. These printers work on the latest media-sensing technique that not only works fast but also minimizes energy consumption. HP printers are featured with lots of benefits that you can get the detail from the professionals who have their sound knowledge. That’s why; Hewlett Packard phone number is given so that it is easy to connect with them and clear all your doubts.


Hewlett Packard undoubtedly is raising the bar in the electric field, and we all love the products offered by them. Yes, there might be issues, but the support team is always available for the users at the Hewlett Packard tech support phone number. At whatever time you call them, they are still happy to help you. There is another Hewlett Packard telephone number, which can be used whenever the previous number is not reachable. Do buy HP printers, laptops, and computers to ease up your daily tasks.