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When people get bored with family life and office, playing online games makes them happier by bringing their inner child out. Pogo.com is one of the best online gaming sites that permit users to play more than 99 games at no cost. Whether you want to solve puzzles and win merriment cash or play action games, Pogo.com allows you for everything.

Pogo.com is owned by EA (Electronic Arts). However, despite being free, it shows advertisements to users which can make them annoying. Keeping this thing in mind, Pogo.com also released a paid version named Club Pogo in which no advertisement will be shown to its potential users if they have subscribed to this service. This premium subscription includes ad-free play, 40 exclusive games, double-jackpot spins, and much more. Even you can download some of its games and can play offline.pogo phone number

Pogo.com has its own fan base due to unique yet enjoyable games. Pogo has also developed the Pogo helpline number for its end users so that better customer support can be given to them if they are looking for. Calling on Pogo.com phone number is easy and very useful too. The Corporation has placed well-trained executives on Pogo customer support number who are ready all the time to deliver satisfying solutions related to Pogo games concerns. However, as we know EA sports handles the Pogo.com website, you might get a little bit of difficulty in finding the precise Pogo.com phone number. In such a situation, you can try our support number to get the individual yet advantageous support. It will forward your phone number to a sovereign 3rd-party Pogo games support phone number. You would get the precise solution you are looking for. It is recommended to read the available terms & conditions first before utilizing our support number.

Pogo Customer Service >> How to Subscribe for Club Pogo?

Club Pogo is a paid subscription. No ads will be shown while playing Pogo games if you have subscribed to Club Pogo. Here, in this useful section, you are going to know the subscription method for club Pogo. Usually, a certain amount is to be paid to avail the club Pogo and it is done by either using credit card or PayPal (maybe some other payment options available). You ought to choose the plan as per your interest. So, carefully look at the downward steps and subscribe to Club Pogo. If any concern occurs in implementing the given instructions, bring the Pogo helpline number into play and call on it. The best part of using the Pogo customer service phone number is that it takes you to the experts of Pogo who are very talented in their work. They will surely let you know the Club Pogo subscription method easily through the Pogo customer service number. Despite availing the Pogo games support phone number, look at its support site.

pogo customer service phone numberSubscribe Using Credit Card:

Majorly, Visa, Mastercard, Diner’s Club, American Express, Discover, JCB are the card accepted by Pogo.com. To know more, dial the Pogo customer service phone number. Your every query related to Pogo games will easily be resolved by the Pogo support number. The professionals present on the Pogo games phone number will give you the complete information related to the payment option for Club Pogo subscription.

  1. Firstly, open the Pogo.com website.
  2. Press on the ‘Sign in’ link and provide your Pogo sign in credentials.
  3. Then, hit the ‘log in’ button to open your account.
  4. Press on the ‘My Account’ option and give the password again if prompts.
  5. Now, hit the ‘Upgrade Now’ option.
  6. Select either ‘Monthly, yearly, 3-month’ subscription plan.
  7. Choose ‘Credit card’ as the option for payment.
  8. Give your Credit card details in the prompt field, hit the ‘confirm’ option.
  9. Now, provide the OTP in the required field and hit the ‘Pay’ option. If any problem happens, dial the Club Pogo phone number.
  10. Get back to the main account and check for the confirmation.

If any dilemma happens while paying via credit card, taking the assistance of Pogo technical support phone number is the right choice. However, do not share your credit card details to the experts or anyone obtainable on the club Pogo phone number.

Subscribe using PayPal:

You can also use the PayPal option to get the Club Pogo subscription plan. If you face any kind of issue in paying for Club Pogo using PayPal, dial on the Club Pogo phone number despite getting assistance from Pogo staff members.pogo technical support phone number

  1. Log in to your Pogo account.
  2. Go to the ‘My Account’ section.
  3. Press on the ‘Upgrade Now’ option.
  4. Choose your subscription plan given on the list.
  5. Hit the ‘PayPal’ option when asks for the Payment option.
  6. You will be redirected to the PayPal website.
  7. Provide your account details, open it and press on the ‘Confirm’ button to make payment.
  8. Check the confirmation on the Pogo.com website. For any other help, call on Pogo technical support phone number.

Club Pogo Subscription enables you to enjoy 40 exclusive games without any ad. You might have completed the subscription method by using the above guidelines. As told earlier, don’t fret if any issue happens, dialling Pogo technical support phone number is the viable option to clear out your query. The technical team is always present for the Pogo game users through the Club Pogo phone number.

Pogo Games Support Phone Numbers – Official:

As per the resources present on the Internet, we have taken out official Pogo contact options like Pogo.com phone number, chat support and others. These are best to our knowledge but sometimes it gets changed by the OEMs. We don’t take any accountability if the mentioned Pogo games phone numbers get changed. You can utilize our support number in such a case. It will transfer your call to a sovereign 3rd party Pogo.com phone number.

Pogo Customer Service Phone Number 650-628-1393
Pogo Email Support (for Privacy policy issues) [email protected]
Pogo Support Chat Link https://blog.Pogo.com/tag/live-chat/

pogo customer servicePogo Support >> Cancelling Club Pogo Subscription

Playing for a long time, you might have now fed up with the Pogo games and looking for the proper method to cancel its plan subscription. This section will guide you in a proper manner for cancelling Club Pogo Subscription. In spite of this, you need to know that even if you cancel it, you can still play the games as a ‘club Pogo member’ until the last date of the subscription plan (remaining time). Additionally, before the last date of Club Pogo subscription, you can re-activate it without paying any additional amount or playing as a free trial. To know the complete information, make a call on Pogo customer service phone number. It is very handy and useful in calling Pogo support number as you would get marvellous experts who know everything about the Club subscription plan and its cancellation.

  1. Open the Pogo official site.
  2. Sign in to Pogo account by giving your Pogo account details.
  3. Press the ‘My Account’ button.
  4. If asked, give your Pogo account password once again.
  5. Now, a dashboard will be opened where you have to press on the ‘Billing and Subscription’ option.
  6. Further, press on the ‘Cancel your Subscription’ option.
  7. Re-write the Pogo account password when it asks.
  8. Press the ‘Confirm’ option.

Cancelling Club Pogo Subscription would take a couple of minutes to finish. If you are unable to perform the above step or fail to debug the problem while cancelling the subscription plan, bring the Pogo.com phone number into play and call upon to cater to your needs. The executives obtainable on the Pogo support number will listen to you carefully and eliminate the problem you are facing while cancelling Club Pogo subscription. Hence, if the technical misconceptions occur, do call on Pogo customer support number. In case the issue still persists, try our support number which offers an individual yet valuable support. It will forward your number to a sovereign 3rd party Pogo customer service phone number. We suggest customers read all the below mentioned terms & conditions first before making the call on support number and contacting the 3rd party Pogo games support phone number.

Pogo Help >> Pogo Games Troubleshooting:pogo support number

From the very beginning of the human race, playing games are the best part of entertainment. Pogo.com delivers outstanding yet enjoyable games to its users who can hang out all day playing different kinds of games. Although technical errors also annoy its users and some of them have found issues with Pogo.com. If you are encountering any problem with your Pogo games like it is not loading or having a problem in signing in, you can look at the below section and get rid of the hindrances. In case you are not able to understand the given steps, you can freely dial Pogo games phone number to get the assistance. The representatives always put emphasis on its end users and they will deliver the best troubleshooting methods for Pogo games through the Pogo technical support phone number. To get the Pogo support number, you would possibly have to visit its official site.

Pogo Games not Loading:

These types of issues are normal to handle. Just accentuate on given steps and troubleshoot the Pogo games not loading issue. Use Pogo.com phone number in any concern that happens here.

  • Check the RAM size of your desktop. To play games on your desktop, you should have at least 2GB Ram size.
  • Clear the junk files and corrupted one from your desktop.
  • Turn off the antivirus obtainable on your desktop and then try to load Pogo games. Additionally, close all the other programs while loading Pogo games. To know more, dial the Pogo support number.
  • Pogo games are based on java or flash program. Make sure that the browser on which you are playing Pogo games must support flash or java program and close the unwanted plugins. If required, update the java or flash program.
  • Try to use another device or system. Sometimes your device or PC becomes the reason for not supporting Pogo games.
  • Try to use another browser.
  • Close the pop-up blocker if it is working on your system’s browser.

pogo games phone numberPogo Sign in Problems

Such issues are not so common but still, there are some users who encounter. Look at the below guideline and solve the issue. Or else, dial the Pogo customer support number.

  • Make sure that you are using the correct username and password while login to the Pogo account.
  • If you have forgotten the password, press on the ‘forgot password’ button and reset it.
  • Check the password letters while entering it. Case sensitive passwords do not recognize the information given by the user until it is the same.
  • Remove the cookies and then try signing in to Pogo account.
  • Make sure that the internet connection is strong.
  • If you have forgotten the screen name, check your mail and try to log in again. If any issue happens, call on Club Pogo phone number.

All these methods will assist you in troubleshooting Pogo related issues. If you are not debugging and clearing out the problems by yourself, it’s better to take the help of a Pogo technical support phone number. The well-experienced professionals always put the accent on its potential users. Don’t be shy to call on Pogo customer support number and resolve the issues related to Pogo games with the help of professionals. If the glitch still continues, use our support number given at the top of this website. It redirects the call of users to a sovereign 3rd party Pogo games phone number. However, it is recommended by us to read to the available terms & conditions first before making a call on our support phone number.

Pogo Customer Service >> How to Reset Pogo Account Password?pogo customer support number

Pogo games account is a very important credential that permits users to play exclusive games and even interact with other Pogo gamers. Resetting the Pogo account password comes into play when any user forgets the password and unable to open his/her Pogo account. This section will teach you the recovering method for your Pogo account password; so, follow accordingly. If any technical errors happen and you fail again to recover the password, simply make a buzz on Pogo customer support number to get the expert’s assistance. They work dedicatedly and trained well to sort out any kind of technical glitches through the Pogo games phone number. Although, we recommend users to look at these ideal guidelines before ringing the bell on Pogo helpline number. We hope, these steps will satisfy your requirement and would assist you in a better way to reset Pogo account password.

  1. Open the preferred browser and go to the Pogo Official site.
  2. Now, press on the ‘Forgot password’ option.
  3. Then, provide your username on the prompt field and hit the ‘submit’ button.
  4. A link will be sent on your registered email account.
  5. Open the mail account, press on the link given by Pogo firm.
  6. Now, create a new password in the required field and follow the instruction shown on the screen. For any assistance, call on Pogo helpline number.
  7. After creating a new password, open the Pogo account by giving your details.

The step for resetting Pogo password finishes here. If you have any issue regarding Pogo games, make a call on Pogo games support phone number. The executives obtainable on Pogo helpline number is ever ready for its customers in helping them out regarding Pogo games.