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CISCO is famous for manufacturing computer networking-related components, telecommunication accessories, etc. CISCO was created in 1984 in December by Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner. Its headquarters is situated in Silicon Valley, California. CISCO is the first company to pioneer the concept of Local Area Network, also known as LAN, which is used to connect two different computers using a multiprotocol router system. Even though Cisco is known for its reliable services, users can face certain problems that could hamper their connectivity. Use this guide to solve such problems.

How to Setup a Cisco Router >> Cisco Router Setup Help

Cisco manufactures a wide range of networking hardware-related products like cisco WiFi routers, switches, etc. The list of which can be found on Cisco WiFi router is the main component to ensure the proper operation of your internet connection. The step-by-step instructions for the Cisco router setup are mentioned in this section. Follow the instructions carefully to setup a Cisco router. One important thing to note down is how to configure CISCO router. This solely depends on what type of router it is and how well you know your router, and the CISCO default password. Let’s begin with the CISCO router troubleshooting process:

  1. Start a terminal emulation program after connecting the router to the PC.
  2. Look behind the router for info on the router’s interface.
  3. Now start the IP configuration process.
  4. Now set up the accessibility list for the network traffic that is allowed to come.
  5. Start configuring the basic TCP/UDP identification process.
  6. Now apply the accessibility list and the identification rules for the traffic.
  7. Now start setting up a Network Address Translation (NAT) terminal so that your router can easily interact with the public to setup cisco routerhow to setup cisco router
  8. Now enable the network interface and disable the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP).
  9. Test your configuration.

How to Config a Cisco Router >> Cisco Router Login Help

This section offers a step-by-step guide for the basic Cisco router configuration. These steps are important for making the router operational. If you do not know how to config a Cisco router, go through this section carefully. After powering up the new router, you can use the setup utility for creating a basic initial configuration. The Command Line Interface (CLI) can be used for the basic setup. Thus, it is important to master CLI for the Cisco router configuration. The following steps are needed to configure Cisco router:

  • Configuration of Access Passwords
  • Configuration of a router hostname
  • Configuration of IP addresses related to router interfaces
  • Configuration of Routing (Static/Dynamic)
  • Saving the configuration
  • Configuration of NAT
  • Configuration of DHCP

how to config a cisco routerHow to Configure CISCO Switch?

Configuring a CISCO switch is very important, as it allows you to control what information is to be sent to which particular device. The procedure to do this is being mentioned below. Read the instructions carefully and proceed with the process. Let’s begin:

  • Wipe the Switch
  • Then check for the default configurations.
  • Create a normal basic configuration setup.
  • Set up a unique switch password. To set up a password, follow the steps below:
  1. Enter into configuration line mode.
  2. Enter the line console 0 and press enter.
  3. Type password system and then press the Enter button again.
  4. Set up the password for the lines from 0 to 15, press the Enter button again.
  5. Enable the secret system and press CTRL+Z to exit.
  • Set up a switch address.
  • Assign all the users present on the Switch to the admin VLAN.
  • Assign a default gateway for all the users to the SWITCH.
  • Assign an individual IP address to every device connected to the Switch.
  • Finally, save all the basic switch configurations.

How to change CISCO Router Password >> Cisco Connect Password Help

It is a good strategy to change the CISCO password on a regular basis as it keeps the hackers at bay and prevents them from penetrating your system and stealing your confidential information. The process of the CISCO wireless router password change scenario begins here. Read the instructions carefully.

Note: This procedure is similar to the process of “how to connect to CISCO router”. Let’s begin:

  1. Connect your computer to any numbered port present on the back of your router using the LAN cable.
  2. Launch your web connect password
  3. Navigate to the CISCO router configuration menu.
  4. Go to your search bar and enter (default Cisco router IP address). Alternatively, you can also use another default Cisco router IP address, which is
  5. Go to the network security menu and click the wireless section.
  6. You will see many things, including the current existing password. Now, this is the point where the CISCO password recovery scenario ends. Here you can change the CISCO default password.
  7. Users will be able to see current default Cisco router passwords if they have never re-configured their routers.
    • Usually, default Cisco router passwords are either a blank field, ‘cisco’ or ‘admin’.
  8. Here in this password section, you can enter whatever password you want.

How to Reset Cisco Routers >> Cisco Router Help

To setup Cisco router, you need to enter the Cisco router setup username and password. Nevertheless, if you cannot remember the Cisco router default password or username, there is an easy and quick way to resolve this issue. The router can be wiped clean with the help of a factory reset. If you have no idea about the Cisco router default password or username, do the following:cisco router help

  1. Press the router’s reset button and then hold it for 30 seconds
  2. Unplug your router from the power source while you again hold the reset button for 30 seconds
  3. While holding the router’s reset button for 30 seconds, turn it on by plugging in the router.
  4. This is going to reset the router to default factory settings. Now, you can use the previous section to change the Cisco connect password.

Resetting the Cisco router solves a lot of problems related to the router. But, it all depends on the type of router reset you will execute. There are two types of CISCO router reset procedures; one is to soft reset, and the other is a hard reset. For technical information about these two, go through this section. Now, proceeding with a soft reset in the first go is something that should technically solve most of your problems. Also, the companies urge to perform soft reset first as it is quick and easy. So, the procedure on how to reset CISCO router begins here:

Soft Reset CISCO router

  • Unplug the power adapter from the router.
  • Unplug it from the wall outlet and leave it for a couple of minutes.
  • Now reconnect the power supply.

If everything is funtioning fine, you have successfully executed the process of how to reset CISCO router.

Hard Reset CISCO router

Now, performing a hard reset is a bit complicated process. The hard reset should only be performed in these situations:

  1. If you have forgotten the CISCO router login details.
  2. If you want to perform a Cisco password recovery.
  3. If you wish to get rid of all the previous router tweaks and configurations.

If you don’t remember your CISCO default password and username, you can search for more info. Now, the procedure to hard reset CISCO router begins here.

  • Press the small reset button present on the back of your CISCO router, where all other cables are connected.
  • Once you have located the reset button, hold it down for 30 seconds and keep it pressed down.
  • All the lights on your router will blink together at once.
  • Once all the lights flash, let go of the pressed reset button. Sometimes pressing the reset button requires a needle or a pencil. This is a security measure applied by the company to secure the router from accidental password resetting by small children.

CISCO Wireless Router Support Numbers – Official

Here, we will provide you with a few CISCO wireless router support numbers and other contact details that we have researched over the period of time on the internet. Most of these Cisco router support numbers are tried and tested. But the authenticity and verification of these numbers are to be tested by you. So please verify the numbers before contacting them. We take no responsibility for the Cisco router customer support numbers mentioned here, as companies tend to change these numbers over time to keep the spammers router customer support

Cisco Customer Service Number USA/Canada 1800 553 2447
Cisco Support Number Canada/USA 1408 526 7209
Cisco Technical Support Number Australia 1800 805 227
Cisco Customer Support Number UK 0800 404 7778
Cisco Email Technical Support [[email protected]]
Cisco Chat Support For Small Business Cisco Support Chat
CISCO Customer Service Number 1 (800) 553-6387

You can get the recent and updated Cisco router support numbers through the help of the Cisco support chat. It will certainly provide you with an updated list of all official numbers.

Cisco Range Extender Setup without CD >> Cisco Routers Help

Cisco RE1000 is known for being a popular WiFi extender that is used for amplifying WiFi signals. This is helpful when you want a strong connection coverage over a large area. Thus, you will be able to reach unreachable areas, making the most of your network connection. Usually, a CD comes with an extender that can be used to setup Cisco range extender setup without cd

However, if you have lost the CD, you can use the procedure of the Cisco range extender setup without CD. To setup Cisco RE1000, press the Reset button for 5 seconds.

  1. Connect the extender port and computer using an Ethernet cable
  2. Let LED lights stop blinking and become stable
  3. Open the web browser
  4. Now, input the IP address in the URL bar. It can be found on the official Cisco website.
  5. In the pop-up window, use ‘admin’ in the password field and leave the username field empty.
  6. Go to basic wireless settings and input the network name
  7. Edit security settings and save the password
  8. Unplug the router for 30 seconds to reset it.
  9. Wait for the lights to become stable

Get Cisco Firmware Upgrades

A firmware has control over the functionality and operation of the Switch. It allows the setup to function. Cisco firmware upgrades enhance the security and performance of the device. For upgrading firmware on the Switch:

  1. Download the latest firmware from the official Cisco website
  2. Sign in to Switch’s web-based utility
  3. Go to ‘Administration’ and then ‘File Management’
  4. Choose ‘Firmware Operations’
  5. For Operation Type, choose ‘Update Firmware’
  6. cisco firmware upgradeFor the Copy Method, choose HTTP/HTTPS
  7. Hit ‘Choose File’ and select the downloaded firmware upgrade
  8. Hit ‘Open’ and then ‘Apply’
  9. Let the process complete
  10. Go to ‘Administration’ and then ‘Reboot’
  11. Select ‘Immediate’ and then ‘Reboot’

Get Cisco IOS Upgrades

Whenever the company releases Cisco IOS upgrades for the router or network switch, you must upgrade it. To upgrade the IOS image, you must attach to the Switch using a console cable.

  1. Get the latest IOS from the official Cisco website
  2. Remove old IOS software image
  3. Move the IOS image from your computer to Switch
  4. Boot from the new IOS image
  5. Save configuration
  6. Reboot Switch

Solve password-related problems on a Switch

While working on CISCO switches, people come across situations where they feel the need to reset their CISCO switch. The process to reset the CISCO switch default password is explained in the section below:

  • Turn over your CISCO switch and note down the model number.
  • Open any web browser and go to CISCO official website.
  • Search for your Switch’s model number and download the manual.
  • You can also try out this process because sometimes all the components manufactured by CISCO have the same username and password, so follow these steps:
  1. Go to your web browser.
  2. Enter or in the search bar.
  3. If a page pops open, enter the password ADMIN.

    cisco wireless router support

  4. If the default IP address opens, you have successfully opened up your CISCO switch configuration page.

Cisco Support from Us

The word CISCO was developed from the word San Francisco. Despite being one of the top companies in the networking, these devices also come across some work hick-up, like the Cisco router login fail problem or anything else related to Cisco products. To tackle such situations, we have come up with this troubleshooting guide. Use this article to resolve all your Cisco router problems. You can also call on the phone number mentioned on this webpage. It will connect your call to an independent 3rd party Cisco support where representatives are always available to help Cisco router users.